Sunday, November 28, 2010

Autumn Breezes

A delicious autumn breeze
Caresses my face like an old lover,
Gentle, and with intimate knowledge.
This is my season of glory,
For even when winter comes,
It will always be autumn in my heart,
Full of richness and abundance,
Although winter has its own soft beauty
And deserves to be treasured, too.

            Have you blessed yourself today?  This poem was part of my own awakening, my own searching for the essential part of me…coached, as it was, by the splendor of a gorgeous autumn like we have had this year. 
            If you are sensitive and have your eyes open, you will find Nature has wonderful stories, allegories that have meaning far beyond their surface. The root story, of course, is that this magnificent world is, as you are, an expression of God.  By letting yourself sink into what you see, you can experience this and many other lessons on many other levels, for you are a part of Nature, you are not separate from it. You are an expression of God in action…and whether or not you think you live up to that magnificent billing, it is nonetheless true.  So bless yourself!  Acknowledge your sacred being! You really are quite splendid, you know.

This poem was published in Eber & Wein's  "Endless Horizons: Celestial Majesty," available at


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