Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday afternoons

We have just spent a lovely Sunday afternoon…loafing! Yes, that peaceful kind of loafing that includes naps, watching the light snow fall, an easy dinner eaten on the sofa around the Sunday newspaper, getting some minor stuff done of the kind that can be accomplished with a cat on your lap getting hair in the computer.  We never seem to make it to turning on the TV, watching a game, or going to a movie. And although we love taking a drive into the back country, hiking in better weather, or cross-country skiing, I’m still not able to handle getting soaked and frozen, so today we are just watching the trees outside as the snow falls, and sharing our dreams in the slow-motion tempo of a Sunday afternoon.
This really is the beauty of Sabbath…a day of rest, a day spent being happy in this wondrous world. The Daily Word today talked about the magic of grace, that wonderful and unexpected gift from God that we are given freely, without requiring our sacrifice or penance. It is ours without asking, as subtle as the beauty of the snow as it outlines every twig and branch – or as obvious as the accident just avoided, the health challenge overcome.  But it is ours to live with, to revel in. 
What would our world be like without God’s grace? God didn’t have to make the sunsets gorgeous, love beautiful, or lemon pie delicious…but that’s the way it is. And although this particular Sabbath’s grace is more about resting and enjoying things as they are, there is always tomorrow, thanks to that same gift of grace.  This world may not be perfect in our eyes, but we can make it better by passing our love on to others. We have the capacity to care, to give, to be that unexpected blessing.  
We are God’s love in action. We are God’s grace, too. Lets live up to it!

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