Saturday, January 15, 2011

Acknowledging our infinity...

For those of you not familiar with some of the basic Unity concepts, this poem probably takes a bit explaining. You see, we believe that God is in everyone, is expressed as everyone. Our responsibilities as expressions of God are not to do as we will, but to do as we should…that phrase from Eric Butterworth’s “Discover the Power” has always meant to me that our responsibility is to do as God leads us, with the understanding that we must always be careful that, in our free will, we choose to do no harm or act in ways not consistent with God’s Goodness.  This poem was written as I began to contemplate what being “of God, as God” actually meant.

I’m meeting You on Your turf today.

I know that I am worthy because of You.
I know that You within me
Is equal to anything the world has to offer.

I accept your challenge –
To have my self-worth come from being You
While loving You as You are expressed around me.

I know that every rock and tree,
Every person I meet is you,
Whole and complete, as a different expression.

I live, aware of You Within as well.
Blessed with faith and power,
I go toe to toe with Your Infinite Love.

Yes, I’m meeting You on Your turf today.
Of course, that’s the way its always been, hasn’t it?

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