Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Son of Man

This has been an interesting time! I’m preparing for the interviews that will say whether my path is to be at Unity Institute for seminary…and in the process, so many fascinating things come up! I keep wanting to chase them all…for instance, in rereading Mark, the earliest of the canonical gospels, the phrase “Son of Man” kept coming up – “But so that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins…” Now THAT is an interesting thought! We can, should, and sometimes actually do forgive others…and obviously do need to do more of it for peace in the world, in our country, and of course with our loved ones and ourselves.
It also made me ask what other faculties were specifically assigned to “the Son of Man?” And did Jesus talk about himself primarily as such? Or was it a statement to remind all of us that our inheritance as Sons of Man had certain powers and responsibilities even at its primitive level, that it wasn’t just our God-expressing selves that had powers and responsibilities? 
I went to the Bible Gateway site online, and did a search on the phrase "Son of Man"…did you know that the phrase comes up 178 times, 82 of them in the New Testament alone?  There are only 22 references to the "Son of God" in the four Gospels, 41 in total, all New Testament entries.  Obviously there is much research to enjoy here! I’ll let you know the results when I’ve finished with them.
The other major “happening” in my life is the arrival of Mindy Audlin’s latest book, “What if Everything Goes Right?”  Wow! I had two copies sent, both as birthday presents for dear friends, but one of them will have to wait…the book is extremely well written, and I’m dying to do a class for our congregation on this…heck, I’m dying to spread this particular concept, period!  So stay tuned…
And pray for me, if you would, for my January 31/February 1 interviews! 

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