Monday, December 6, 2010

So, let us begin with the stars...

            I wanted to address the Christmas season, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that for our purposes here we had to address God first. Scary subject, huh? Yet everything begins with God, and our perception of God. We have to tell that story before we can go on to understand Jesus and the Christ Spirit that was born into all of us.
            For me, it begins with the stars, for that is how I came to my own understanding. Have you ever looked at the night sky, clear and unobstructed by clouds or light pollution? And seen the depth of the Universe, layer upon layer of stars reaching back to the beginning of time?  Did you feel the vastness, the immensity? And how you were but a tiny speck on a tiny speck of a planet?  I did, that first night and every time since.
            What struck me with my own experience was that no matter how infinitesimally small I felt, I did not feel apart from it. With every cell of my being, I could see that I, and this planet, each leaf and twig on it - and each of the stars out there – were all a part of this great Universe, this magnificent expression of God. That was God out there, and I was part of It.
            Through the very experience of that starry sky, I also know that every cell, every atom on this earth, too, speaks of God, is God. And I share that inheritance. Every rock, bug, flower, bird, person, everything that exists on this world and off, shares that inheritance with me. I’m not apart, I’m a part of The Vastness. 
            My being of God is intrinsic to my nature. You, too, have that Divine Inheritance. Your nature is the same, however differently you experience life. Your “Godness” is expressed in every cell of your body, in every breath that you take.
             Your being of God is the very stuff of existence.

              What are your thoughts?
Photographs courtesy of Astronomy Picture of the Day

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