Sunday, December 12, 2010

You are the gift...

            Amidst the whelter of advertisements, treasured rituals, family joys, and our own eagerness to fill our loved ones’ stockings – and expectations – we also hear the message “Jesus is the reason for the season.” 
            Well put, for December 25 is indeed the day we choose to celebrate Jesus’ birth. We doubt that it was December 25; in fact, many of the stories – in the Bible and elsewhere – were written so long after His birth that the fog of time has pretty effectively shrouded what actually happened.
            It doesn’t matter what the actual turn of events was. What matters is the message of hope Jesus brought to that time, and to ours. That message was, and is, that we are all the Children of this magnificent, all-powerful, all-loving, ever-present Being; and that we contain the essence of that very Being within us.           
            Yes, God gave us His Son…but you will discover from Jesus’ own teachings, that this holy birth didn’t produce His only Son, for we are all Children of God, sons and daughters of God, and that very Christ Spirit represented by Jesus lives within each and every single one of us. We express it in our daily loves, and our daily lives, to the best of our ability. At Unity, we call it the Christ Spirit, that essence that Jesus so perfectly demonstrated.
            So your essence, your very being, is created by God, of God. That is your Truth, your reality. You, who considers yourself imperfect, and who this moment is possibly involved, for better or worse, in the rush of the traditional Christmas season. Stop for a moment, and open yourself to your own voice of God within you.
            You are the very gift God has given us.

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