Thursday, December 16, 2010

There are angels...

            A wonderful Christmas story came from the brother of a dear friend – He is an artist, not making any money at this point, and his car had died a couple of days ago, leaving him without transportation or the ability to make money to get another. He was blessed: today an elderly couple gave him theirs, older but in great shape, for the price of two of his paintings.
            I, too, have had the experience of unexpected grace – visitors (and their three teenage boys) came upon me in the worst of last year’s snowstorms, and dug 27 inches of fresh, wet snow out of my driveway. It was my 65th birthday, I was single and living alone, and digging that much snow was something that I could not have done myself, even though it was absolutely necessary I gain access to my house and carport. 
            Were these angels? Do angels really exist?  We’ve been bombarded with all kinds of images and stories of angels. Some see them as beings of light, others with wings, both traditions with a very long history. On the other end of the spectrum, Charles Fillmore defined angels as “Messengers of God; projections into consciousness of spiritual ideas...the words of Truth, in which are centered the power of God to overcome all limited beliefs and conditions.”  That’s quite a range.
            Yet there is something to these stories of God’s Grace that we cannot ignore. What if these flesh-and-blood people are really expressions of God in action, and by their actions, by their care have come to help us in our times of need? After all, if God is this all-powerful, omniscient being, does God really need hands? Or are these wonderful people God’s hands in action?  Divine ideas made tangible?
            And you. What if YOU are an angel, expressing God’s care and love through your own actions? I think you are…and you are more than capable of living up to that awesome responsibility, jumping on the opportunity to help, to give love, to be a positive force in someone’s life. As a child of God, you possess the power.
            Go out and do it, angel…

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